A brief history of the first movement

In the year 2010 Bablu Jhulki, a non-Muslim fisherman, was murder at Chapi of Mahishadal, Purba Medinipur. The Police of Mahishadal arrested innocent Mustafa and four other Men & Women without any proof and tortured brutally upon them. The news spread across the Purba Medinipur District.

Thousands of people from minority community gathered and protested under the leadership of our beloved Pizada Alhaaj Moulana Sayed Ruhul Amin of Pratappur Darbar Sharif and marched for the deputation in the presence of SP, SDPO, CI and OC of Mahishadal PS. That day Administration assured that they will arrest the murder as early as possible and released the innocents. This was the first movement of AIMA to give justice to the people.

Our Objectives

Since its inception AIMA consistently working for the development of minority communities in India and accordingly sets organizational objectives for the future movement.

Minority people are being used by major political parties for a long time and till now they are lacking behind the rest of India. AIMA feels until and unless we become united power to demand our voice we will be used further. We should develop our community in education, health and social consciousness. We will demand our rights united.

So we all are devoted to develop an educated, cultured, healthy, justified and non-communal India in near future.

Kind Management Team

The Kind is managed by a broad range of people with different expertise. There are currently 4
Trustees serving the Trust for the period of 2013-15.